The Caposella farm business originated when Elisa Petrucci, not yet thirty years of age, united two portions of the property belonging to generations of different branches of her maternal family, historically rooted in numerous territories of the Salento province and always predominantly agriculturally based.

When Elisa began to work with the Ugento olive grove in 1996, nobody would have yet bet on the quality of Apulian oil, particularly that made from the single varieties grown locally.

In November 2000, she bottled 200 litres of oil for friends, the first pure Ogliarola.

The requests that resulted as well as recognition from the more far-sighted specialised press confirmed that this was the path to follow.

At Christmas 2003, the first pure Cellina originated from the Otranto olives and was bottled; in 2006, olives in their natural state and olive paté from these.

In 2011, the most difficult project together with Luigi; the renovation of the Masseria Caposella, in a state of disrepair for decades.

Finally, in July 2013, Caposella reopened, now intended for hospitality and welcoming.