You don’t know the South, the whitewashed houses where we came out into the sunshine like numbers from the side of a dice.”


In the collective imagination, the word “Masseria” has for some time no longer evoked Apulian agrarian society even if it is the symbol of it; instead, it brings to mind five-star resorts, exotic essences, hectares of green lawns and perhaps Olympic-sized swimming pools.

We have greatly desired that Caposella retains the memory of its ancient rural history; for example, the end of the nineteenth century, when great grandfather Adolfo Colosso, enlightened agronomist, collector and entrepreneur, looked after part of his flock in that place. Therefore no reception; only olive trees and ploughed red earth outside and aromatic herbs and essences from the Mediterranean maquis in the courtyard flowerbeds. No emergency lights and electronic keys; only candles, torches and old latches. No TV in bedrooms, only in living rooms. Wi-fi and air conditioning are the only concessions to urban modernity.