Each one was lodged, each one was given accommodation according to his customs and had the impression of being well served, because nothing prevented them from serving themselves.”

W. Goethe – elective AFFINITIES

The Caposella Masseria appears at the edge of the Parco Naturale Litorale of Ugento, the most extensive area of Mediterranean maquis in the Salento, only 4 km from the magnificent beaches of Torre San Giovanni and one kilometre from the first houses of the little town; it is surrounded by hundreds of hectares of century-old olive groves crossed by convenient and fast communication routes.

Founded in the fifteenth century as a fortified sheepfold, it is today, after a knowing renovation that has respected ancient building techniques, with the intention of welcoming guests to the farming business that it is part.

The Masseria is divided into six independent units, some of which eventually communicating with each other. Each house, entirely decorated with furniture and materials made by local craftsmen, using natural materials and fibres, is formed by a living room with kitchenette and sofa bed, one or more twin/double bedrooms, bathroom with shower and outside pergola for exclusive use. Each area is equipped with wi-fi and air conditioning. Respecting the pace and style of the ancient way of life, TV is provided only in the living rooms and not in the bedrooms.

Fireplace House

Number of beds 2+1
From € 102
50 m2

Lemon House

Number of beds 2+1
From € 89
35 m2

Water House

Number of beds: 2+1
From € 91
35 m2

Great Arches House

Number of beds: 4+2
From € 114
90 m2

Midway Arches House

Number of beds: 2+2
From € 101
45 m2

Small Arches House

Number of beds: 2+2
From € 97
40 m2