Caposella is an olive farm that extends for about fifty hectares in the province of Lecce and is divided into two parts: one in Ugento, on the Ionic coast of the Salento, where about a thousand century-old trees of the “Ogliarola Salentina” variety, subject to landscaping constraint, surround the fourteenth century Masseria Caposella; the other one is situated in Otranto, on the Adriatic coast; also here the olive trees of the “Cellina di Nardò” variety are centuries-old and protected by the same constraint. All our farmlands adhere to the disciplinary D.O.P Terra d’Otranto and the entire property and our oils have been BIO certified since 2004.

After decades of abandonment and following a lengthy renovation that lasted two whole years, since 2013 the Masseria Caposella has finally been restored to its original splendour and is now centre of hospitality and welcoming.

Publius Vergilius Maro – Bucolics 1.6